What is Covalent?

Covalent mix the Third Person Shooter action with a Strategy Card Game to make a whole new videogame experience.


Card Shooter System

Card Shooter System is the most important feature of Covalent. You can enjoy the experience of fighting with creatures, traps and Gods, summoned through a deck from the first person shooter perspective.

A different MMORPG

There are 8 combat classes that you must choose when representing one of the 8 cities in which they will learn skills, in their respective academies.


Our story is developed in the future, following an apocalyptic event on a planet similar to Earth, where you will find a vast world full of stories, personalities, creatures, and portals to other worlds, as well as fun strategy videogame..

Portals and Cards

Portals are so important in the lore of Covalent. Here you can capture creatures, artifacts and traps. You will find three portals: blue, red and yellow.

The Concept Art

Since covalent has such a huge world, full of multiple universes where the imagination and ideas are limitless for us to illustrate, there is an infinite set of possibilities, places, characters, objects and entities from different planets.

The Board Game

Covalent board game contains the essence of combat between two characters, who have the ability to summon creatures and use artifacts.

How will you Play?

Covalent main feature is the combat system, an innovative mix of different gameplay features, which involves the Strategy of Card Games and action of the Third Person Shooter Games. Our vision is longer for Covalent. An MMORPG of a sci-fi life in an open world, full of fantasy, action, and drama. The project is modular and will be developed in groups of features, which we will launch over course of the project.

Square Enix Collective

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Why support us?

We’ve been working for three years on this project, everything we get done on this fun development is for you, especially if you are tired of the conventional game mechanics, we would love to listen everyone who likes the project to make this game seriously fun! We will go for the Square Enix Collective, we love their games by the way, and finally, we will set a date for the Kickstarter campaign to finish this project with your support! It would be an honor!


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